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Never before has the world been as complex as it is today – and never before have companies had so many opportunities to network and implement innovative ideas. Constantly working to improve work processes so that clients and partners can master the challenges of their industry while leveraging opportunities for growth and succeed in the market.


Strategy is the opposite of coincidence. Only with strategically thought-out concepts companies can properly allocate resources and scale. This principle is the guide to our daily work and therefore part of our identity. Strategy skills are shown in capital budgets and it is the only feature we have to look in a management team to make wise investment decisions.


We love startup teams and good ideas but what we love more is to develop, especially from startups. Our goal is to create a relationship between your technology-based idea and the markets.
Whether you are an established company of a start-up we help your C-Level to build valuable contacts from our technology-based network, support in financing and know-how in building your company.


Goals work like a lens of a camera.
If you set the focus correctly, you will be able to take a clear picture.
If it is out of focus, your picture will be blurry.


Running businesses in investing and innovation require today employing entirely new strategies and visions. The technological advancement of the recent years let the proliferation of new business models and like ever before it changed the way business is done: value creation and new investments techniques are now the cornerstones of building trust among shareholders and guaranteeing higher returns. New business logics, new market segments, and new customers’ types have challenged the way we think scaling companies and replicate business models. If we want to make our mark in creating value for our partners we must be prepared to commit with an interdisciplinary approach that takes into account: management, ICT, entrepreneurship and investment banking. Will we be able to replicate the impact of some successful ventures of recent years or go even further, and establish a new to think of developing businesses and scaling companies?


  • Financial and Business Strategy
  • Due Diligence
  • Company and start-up valuations

  • Market Analysis

  • Sourcing

  • Finance Structuring

  • Portfolio Selection

  • Financial Projection and Evaluations

  • ESG

  • Business Planning

  • Financial and Investment Advisory


The only bridge between a dream and reality is work…


I’m based between Zürich and Lugano, Switzerland. My professional background is in private equity undertaking Business and Financial Analyst and Due Diligence roles principally in the ICT sector and recently in ESG.
With an emphasis on venture capitals and business incubation firms, I have experience in direct investment in early-stage companies and advising entrepreneurs on market strategy, management and corporate finance.
I hold an MA in Economics from University of Lausanne and Lugano and took certification courses and training in financial analysis and project management during his time with Credit Suisse. I’m fluent in Italian, English and French, and proficient in German.

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